The Rooms


Cosy Comfort.

Every room has been individually designed with bespoke pieces of furniture and cotton rich fabrics. These are exquisitely furnished suites designed for absolute comfort. The tasteful décor has been combined with modern neccesities such as Multi-channel Television, WiFi and cable internet connections for luxurious yet highly functional accomodation.

The Space.

Chic with the right amount of character. A combination of modern and designer décor gives our space a heady ambience that is ideal for anyone seeking a luxurious haven. The rich fabrics and leathers of the sofas and chairs, the textures of the walls and draperies and the warmth of the honey-coloured floors all combine to add a touch of lush extravagance and luxury we all deserve from time to time. If you fancy the décor, just step into our Antique shop, Nook-at-the-Villa.

With our in-house Mediterraneo Restaurant, nothing has been left to chance; every need is anticipated and catered for, all accompanied by impeccable service.